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The Amazin’ Mets Foundation is committed to supporting programs both with the Mets and within the community that have a lasting impact on the educational trajectory of New Yorkers. From workforce development to college scholarships, funding from the Foundation ensures new doors are open for all our community.


Since June 2021…

More than $1,600,000 in funds have been disbursed to organizations that support youth and education initiatives.

Mets Community Programs

Ya Gotta Read!

The Amazin’ Mets Foundation is proud to sponsor Ya Gotta Read!, an educational program designed to foster a love of reading in students. The more children read, the more they succeed in school. Reading is also linked to expanded knowledge and vocabulary, improved attention span and memory, and increased curiosity and imagination. During the program, the participating students are challenged to read for 20 minutes every school night.

Coinciding with Mets Spring Training, this program kicks off at the start of training and finishes six weeks later, just before the start of the regular season. The more minutes students read, the further they advance around the bases, and the more Mets prizes they can earn.

In 2023, the Mets partnered with 22 local elementary schools, reaching a total of 15,000 students in Queens and Brooklyn.

ya gotta read

Math Hits

The Amazin’ Mets Foundation teams up with Citron Cooperman and Learn Fresh for Math Hits, a program designed to build on students’ love of baseball to further their education and broaden their math and STEM-related skills. Students from local Queens schools and afterschool programs take part in a variety of activities that teach children preparation tips for success in school and in their future careers, as well as an interactive Math Hits tournament which incorporates math principles and baseball.

Math Hits encourages and rewards sportsmanship – promoting fairness, respecting opponents, and staying positive win or lose – resulting in a comprehensive experience for all.

The Amazin’ Mets Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Amazin’ Mets Foundation Scholarship Fund aims to support students at LaGuardia Community College and Queensborough Community College, the only two public community colleges in Queens.

To date, 70% of students at LaGuardia Community College live at or below the poverty line, and 60% of Queensborough Community College students live at or below the poverty line. The Amazin’ Mets Foundation Scholarship Fund seeks to help students gain access to a life changing education.

The Amazin’ Mets Foundation Scholarship Fund was made possible thanks to the support of New York Mets fans through an online fundraising campaign and a generous donation from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.

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Amazin’ Scholars

The Amazin’ Scholars program provides scholarships to junior and senior high school students in Queens, NY who are currently enrolled in college level courses. Through this program, low-income students receive college credit for the courses they are taking through Long Island University and St. John’s University.

Grantee Spotlight

New York Cares

Since 2021, The Amazin’ Mets Foundation has partnered with New York Cares to fund and distribute 10,000 backpacks annually to low-income students throughout NYC. To date, the Foundation has provided New York Cares with $275,000 in funds to support our back-to-school initiative.

New York Hall of Science

In 2021, the Amazin’ Mets Foundation supported New York Hall of Science with two grants totaling $150,000. One grant supported the Recovery Fund, an initiative to restore NYSCI after severe flood damage as a result of Hurricane Ida. The second grant supported the Science Career Ladder and Maker Space programs, these programs are designed to empower people of all ages as STEM learners. 

Building Skills NY

In 2022, the Amazin’ Mets Foundation provided a grant of $65,000 to Building Skills to support their Construction Career Accelerator Program. The program provides skills training and job placement services to low to moderate income individuals in the construction industry.